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Moto X4 Android One review: return of the X

by Lanh Nguyen 2 days ago0 comments

Who is BBK, the world's third largest phone manufacturer?

by Robert Triggs 2 days ago0 comments

Why I am put off by the Pixel 2 XL display, but you might not be

by Nirave Gondhia 2 days ago0 comments

What's keeping Xiaomi from the US?

by Adam Doud 5 days ago0 comments
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HTC DROID Eris for Verizon to receive firmware update

HTC DROID Eris Reports are coming in that the HTC DROID Eris for Verizon Wireless will get a firmware update shortly. The software update is thought to ...
by Derek ScottJuly 13, 2010

Verizon working on HTC DROID Eris weather widget issue, still investigating other problems

HTC DROID Eris for Verizon I got word back from a Verizon Wireless rep moments ago regarding all of the complaints we are seeing in comments about the ...
by Michael OrylMay 26, 201036

HTC DROID Eris gets Android 2.1 firmware update

HTC DROID Eris It seems that Verizon Wireless has started sending out an over the air firmware update for DROID Eris users that will take the phone to ...
by Michael OrylMay 11, 201070

HTC DROID ERIS put on EOL list, Incredible the slated replacement?

HTC DROID Eris According to a rumor out of BerryScoop, the Verizon Wireless DROID ERIS is slated to be placed on the dreaded end of life list starting ...
by Kelly HodgkinsMarch 11, 2010141

HTC DROID Eris OTA firmware updates starting

HTC DROID Eris Verizon sent us a message last night telling us about the new HTC DROID Eris firmware update that has started going out to users.  This ...
by Michael OrylDecember 10, 2009187

Android 2.0.1 headed to Motorola DROID, DROID Eris buy one, get one free promotion starts today

HTC DROID ERIS for Verizon Our sister site, MobileBurn, got word straight from Verizon Wireless that the Motorola DROID will be updated to Android ...
by Susan ElleryDecember 4, 2009182

Best Buy offering 5 Android smartphones for $99.99, no mail-in rebates needed

Best Buy put out a release touting its selection of 5 Android smartphones that are available for $99.99 this holiday season. The HTC Hero and Samsung Moment are down to $99.99 ...
by Michael OrylNovember 25, 20091220

DROID Eris drops to $30 at Walmart, DROID falls to $119 at Dell

Those looking to score the latest and greatest Android handsets that Verizon Wireless has to offer are in for a pre-Black Friday treat. Thanks to some competitive pricing by Walmart ...
by Susan ElleryNovember 24, 2009166

Review of the HTC Hero for Sprint and DROID Eris for Verizon

I finally got around to putting together a review specific to the U.S. versions of the HTC Hero, Sprint’s own Hero and the DROID Eris for Verizon.  They are largely the same as ...
by Michael OrylNovember 23, 2009284

Motorola DROID and HTC DROID ERIS available from Verizon today

Just in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, I’l remind you all that the Motorola DROID and the HTC DROID ERIS for Verizon Wireless are now available as of ...
by Michael OrylNovember 6, 2009160
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