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131 articles

AT&T launches Huawei Fusion 2 low-end phone with new prepaid data plan

Sony’s flashy new James Bond phone is not the only handheld hitting AT&T these days, with the Huawei Fusion 2 targeting an entirely different crowd. The petite 3.5-incher is certainly ...
by AdrianOctober 2, 20124

Dual SIM Acer Z110 spotted online, to hit Europe and Asia with ICS for just €100

In an age and era when five million people rush out to buy a very pricey iPhone 5 in the phone’s opening weekend, you might start to think that there’s no more place for lower end, but ...
by AdrianSeptember 24, 20124

ZTE Blade 3 confirmed, coming to Northern Europe this month for around $230

Despite promising us Android-based quad-core treats way back at the MWC in February, ZTE still doesn’t seem keen to leave its comfy low-end to mid-range niche for the riskier high-end world.
by AdrianSeptember 20, 20122

ZTE Warp Sequent is available at Boost Mobile with ICS and low-end specs for $200

It usually takes a leaked phone some time to see the light of day, but when the specs aren’t great, manufacturers and carriers skip a few hype-building marketing steps. Therefore, we ...
by AdrianSeptember 20, 2012

Thomson unveils five mid-range ICS-based dual-SIM phones for Europe

Thomson is one of the latest tech manufacturers to dip its toes into the Android “ocean”, and, even though the company’s digital audio and video products (branded as “Technicolor”), as ...
by AdrianSeptember 19, 2012

808 Android is a sorry excuse for a Nokia 808 PureView clone

Another phone is joining the select club of cloned devices, but in a surprising twist it’s not one that has been very well received by either critics or the public. That’s right, it’s ...
by AdrianSeptember 19, 20123

ZTE V8000 gets FCC certification, on its way to Cricket with ICS and WVGA display

Up-and-coming prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless seems to really be on a roll. On top the launch of Cricket-powered RadioShack Wireless last week, Cricket has also launched its own ...
by AdrianSeptember 12, 2012

Xtreamer to enter the mobile phone market, plans to reinvent smartphone pricing

Xtreamer is a company you've probably never heard of, and that's OK, because we had to Google them too. Apparently they're a South Korean firm that makes digital media players for home ...
by ŠtefanSeptember 12, 2012

Congo-based VMK unveils Elikia smartphone, aims to bring “hope” to Africa

The African smartphone and tablet markets might not be as developed as the ones in Europe, America or Asia, but things are definitely not going to remain that way forever. One of the ...
by AdrianSeptember 10, 20125

Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Reverb is up for pre-order, to ship on September 19

Leaked way back in July for the first time, the Galaxy Reverb didn’t get a formal introduction until a couple of weeks ago, when it was expected to be up for pre-order at Virgin Mobile ...
by AdrianSeptember 7, 20122
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