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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An easy choice

David Imel 11 hours ago 147 shares

24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip: Surprised by how much I like it

Eric Zeman February 15, 2020 1196 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 hands-on: Out-featuring the competition

Eric Zeman February 11, 2020 780 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: OK cool, but isn’t this a boring use of foldable tech?

Oliver Cragg February 16, 2020 1509 shares
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Carrier IQ is dead, but will likely live elsewhere (AT&T acquisition)

Remember Carrier IQ? Yes, we are talking about the devil spawn that flooded your news feed and terrorized the whole tech industry back in 2011. AT&T just bought them.
Edgar CervantesDecember 31, 2015331 shares

Carrier IQ agrees to settle privacy lawsuit

Carrier IQ has since admitted that the software logs contents of messages.
William Neilson JrNovember 6, 2014273 shares

Mobile Device Privacy Act will Get Rid of Future Carrier-IQ Apps

The recent Carrier-IQ scandal has caused such a commotion when several smartphone users discovered that the app was pre-installed on their devices. Apart from just being ...
Christine TorralbaJanuary 31, 201210471 shares

HTC removing Carrier IQ from CDMA Android Devices Starting in January

After that long disaster of Carrier IQ in late 2011, HTC has decided to remove Carrier IQ from their CDMA phones starting this month. Last week HTC rolled out a maintenance ...
AlexanderJanuary 17, 201242 shares

HTC EVO 3D’s Recent Maintenance Update Removes Carrier IQ

Lately there has been a huge deal with Carrier IQ being on people’s Android devices. I don’t know about all of you, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it, but I had ...
AlexanderJanuary 16, 201233 shares

Google: Not Supporting or Working with Carrier IQ

According to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt: Google does not work with nor does it support Carrier IQ. The statement was released last Thursday, after a ...
Christine TorralbaDecember 14, 201128 shares

BitDefender Mobile Security – App Review

There are hundreds of security related apps on the Android Marketplace. Yes, they all do pretty much the same things such as scanning, finding, restoring, and commonly, ...
Will G.December 7, 201183 shares

How to Remove Carrier IQ on an Android Device

Many of you have heard in the news that a hidden application, known as Carrier IQ, is stored in over 140 million smartphones. This includes ...
Will G.December 4, 201150 shares
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