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Why doesn’t Google sell its hardware and services in more markets?

by John Callaham 20 hours ago0 comments

OLED or LCD? [Poll of the Week]

by Jimmy Westenberg 19 hours ago0 comments

The biggest mobile tech blunders in history

by Adam Doud 12 hours ago0 comments

What is screen burn in and how can you prevent it?

by Robert Triggs 18 hours ago0 comments
2 articles

How to unlock or relock the Nexus 10 bootloader

The Google Nexus 10 is one of the top Android tablets that Google has released. It runs on Android 4.2, the upgraded version of Jelly Bean. One of the benefits of having a ...
by Carl ParkerNovember 26, 20121

HTC Droid DNA’s bootloader unlocking tutorial is up

The fact that the HTC Droid DNA comes with a locked bootloader may have deterred some from going to the stores to pick up the 5-inch super phone, but those who stuck by HTC’s side will ...
by Bams SadewoNovember 26, 2012

HTC Droid DNA bootloader no longer unlockable, but root efforts still live on

XDA Developers reports that the HTC Droid DNA no longer has an unlockable bootrom, which was the case with pre-release devices. Unlocking the bootloader through the HTCDev bootloader ...
by J. Angelo RacomaNovember 20, 20127

Nexus 10 bootloader unlocking directions already available

Google built the Nexus line of devices to simplify our lives and, to please the hacking community, they made rooting/unlocking procedures quite simple—this goes for the Nexus 10 as well.
by Wenceslaus MuenyiNovember 12, 2012

Sony clarifies statement on unlocked bootloader warranty

Yet again, Sony finds itself at the defense table, facing less than enthused crowds who have not taken too kindly the company’s stance on ...
by Bams SadewoAugust 4, 20124

Sony refusing to fix phones with unlocked bootloaders

Smartphone manufacturers have been known to lock the bootloaders of their devices, ostensibly because of security concerns. This is an ongoing battle between the large ...
by Ankit BanerjeeJuly 27, 20121

Verizon Galaxy S3 locked bootlocker to be fixed by software update “soon”

It’s no secret anymore that the Verizon Galaxy S3 version, although otherwise similar to other U.S. Galaxy S3 variants, comes with a locked ...
by Chris SmithJuly 15, 20126

Mac-based bootloader unlock script for AT&T and Rogers One X now available

If HTC’s One X is your high-end smartphone of choice these days, but you’re not very comfortable with that Android ICS/Sense 4 UI software combination, there’s only one thing to do. ...
by AdrianJune 14, 20121

Rooters rejoice: AT&T HTC One X bootloader unlocked

We finally have good news for those AT&T HTC One X users out there who like to root and flash ROMS. A member ...
by Shea HarrisMay 26, 2012

Custom ROM? Asus Transformer Pad 300 gets bootloader unlock tool

The Transformer Pad 300 might not be the hottest Android-based tablet available these days, but Asus has its ways to ensure the popularity of the company’s ...
by AdrianMay 23, 2012
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