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The U.S. phone market is about to get even more expensive

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The potential hidden costs of Google Stadia

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LG V50 ThinQ review: Does Sprint’s first 5G phone deliver?

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Honor India providing bootloader unlock codes via repair centers

Device owners must jump through a few hoops before they get their bootloader unlock codes.
Williams PelegrinDecember 10, 2018467 shares

Honor is issuing bootloader unlock codes again, but there are several caveats

Honor is now sending out bootloader unlock codes via the XDA forum, but the old process was definitely better...
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 4, 201892963 shares

You can now unlock the LG V20 bootloader in the US

Unlocked LG V20 owners can now officially unlock the V20 bootloader using LG's bootloader unlock tool.
Kris CarlonNovember 24, 2016782 shares

Verizon Pixel bootloader unlock tool now available

Despite the Verizon Google Pixel and Pixel XL not featuring unlockable bootloaders, a team of developers have released a Pixel bootloader unlock tool called dePixel8.
Kris CarlonOctober 28, 20161299 shares

Xiaomi makes bootloader unlocking unnecessarily difficult, angers users

Xiaomi is locking down its bootloader with a new firmware update and offending everyone with lengthy delays, a convoluted process and inconsistent treatment of its users.
Kris CarlonJanuary 18, 20161484 shares

Unlocking the Nexus 6P bootloader will require a new command

One of the first steps to reaching your phone's true capabilities is unlocking the bootloader, so we thought it was important to let you know the process is no longer the same for the ...
Edgar CervantesNovember 15, 20151142 shares

Sony devices with unlocked bootloaders may malfunction if users enable My Xperia app

Sony's My Xperia app can locate, lock, factory reset or even send a sound alert to your phone. That's not all it does, though. If you have an unlocked bootloader, it may go as far as ...
Edgar CervantesJuly 9, 20151198 shares

Moto X bootloader now unlockable on Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Rogers and Latin America

Moto X units sold by Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Rogers and Latin American carriers can have their bootloaders unlocked on Moto's website.
Chris SmithSeptember 7, 2013268 shares

AT&T HTC One rooted, bootloader unlocked

The AT&T HTC One slipped out of some AT&T locations this weekend, a full week before its official launch date. Less than 24 hours later, the bootloader has been unlocked and the device ...
Brendan LynchApril 15, 201384 shares

Motorola bootloader unlock method works on Droid RAZR HD, Razr M and more

Developers have managed to successfully unlock the bootloader of some recent Motorola smartphones, making development and customizing easier.
Tanay SoodApril 8, 2013137 shares
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