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Trial reveals Samsung and Apple U.S. sales figures

One great side effect of the Apple vs Samsung trial is that all sorts of juicy details and secrets are revealed. Exact sales figures for all the different models can be ...
by Simon HillAugust 10, 20123

Chitika web analytics: Samsung Galaxy S3 increases share of online traffic

Samsung’s current flagship Android smartphone is the Galaxy S3 and it is performing rather well for them. Analytics company, Chitika, just released some statistics showing ...
by Simon HillAugust 9, 20121

Who will win the Apple vs Samsung patent war? And what’s next?

Where did it all go wrong? Apple and Samsung were once the perfect couple, but it seems theirs was a marriage of convenience. A long, drawn-out, ...
by Simon HillAugust 8, 201221

Best Buy survey: malfunction, not confusion, was the primary reason customers returned the Galaxy Tab

As childish as they might seem to most of us, the legal quarrels between Apple and Samsung, Motorola and Microsoft, HTC and Apple and so on and so forth do have one thing ...
by AdrianAugust 8, 20126

Galaxy S should be more like the iPhone, 132-page 2010 Samsung report tells jurors

We saw yesterday a Samsung internal memo in which it was detailed a February 2010 executive meeting. During the meeting, Samsung’s chief of mobile ...
by Chris SmithAugust 8, 20121

Susan Kare testimony: iPhone vs Galaxy icons, visual impression and personal confusion

It’s another day in the U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial and we have a new interesting testimony to look at, via The Verge which was once again on ...
by Chris SmithAugust 7, 201211

Samsung attacks Apple in court for destroying, tampering with evidence

With just a few days to go until the U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent case kicked off, Samsung was awarded yet another unfavorable verdict in the ...
by Chris SmithAugust 7, 20123

iPhone-based “Crisis of Design” inside Samsung, company memo reveals

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent war marches forward, and after having seen the obvious similarities between some of the default app icons found ...
by Chris SmithAugust 7, 20125

Google, Apple start bidding for Kodak’s digital patents

WSJ reported yesterday that Kodak’s upcoming patent auction already has 2 bidders: Google and Apple, and each has bids between $150 million ...
by LucianAugust 7, 20122

Samsung allegedly copied iPhone app icons too, Apple says and it may be right

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial continues today with new testimonies and evidence submitted by each party to make it case. We’re going to share ...
by Chris SmithAugust 6, 201232
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