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South Korean court rules that Samsung did not copy the iPhone

Trying to keep track of who is suing who in the mobile industry is hard enough. But trying to keep track of which countries the suits are being ...
by Gary SimsAugust 24, 20124

Apple wants to prevent real competition with such lawsuits, Samsung says in closing argument

Once Apple made its last stand in front of the jury earlier today, it was time for Samsung’s lawyers to step up to the plate and deliver their ...
by Chris SmithAugust 21, 2012

Samsung was iPhone’s biggest fan and copied it, says Apple in closing argument

After four weeks of fierce fighting in the U.S. Apple vs Samsung case, we have reached the closing arguments phase that’s taking place today in ...
by Chris SmithAugust 21, 201211

Samsung vs. Apple: Peace talks have failed

The best news we could give you about the latest developments in the ongoing Samsung-Apple trial is: It's almost over. The CEO's from both companies have met but have not yielded ...
by nathanAugust 21, 20122

Apple won’t divorce Samsung anytime soon, and here’s why!

While it may look like Samsung has more ways of overcoming any possible divorce issue, I’m willing to bet that neither Apple or Samsung will stop playing nice outside the courtroom for ...
by Mike AndriciAugust 21, 20129

Galaxy Nexus ‘minuscule’ compared to iPhone sales – Samsung defense against Apple’s copy claims

In addition to the main U.S. Apple vs Samsung case that we’re following closely these days, there are other patent-based battles between the two ...
by Chris SmithAugust 20, 20124

Samsung scores victory against Apple, WSJ unveils Jurors ‘Final Exam’ in the trial

Apple’s and Samsung’s lawyers on Tuesday will hold their closing arguments in the patent-based trial the tech world is following anxiously these ...
by Chris SmithAugust 20, 20122

Samsung and Apple CEOs plan to discuss possible settlement today

As the Samsung versus Apple trial prepares to wind down, Judge Lucy Koh previously asked Samsung and Apple CEOs to meet one last time in attempts to reach some kind of a middle-ground ...
by Andrew GrushAugust 20, 201210

Apple, Samsung not willing to narrow claims in U.S. patent dispute, jury to rule on the case

Both Apple and Samsung rested their cases in the U.S. legal conflict between the two parties last week, with the closing statements scheduled for ...
by Chris SmithAugust 19, 20122

Apple vs Samsung: Sammy negligent on filing patent disclosures?

In a perfect world made by Samsung, the latest developments in the trial against Apple would never have happened. That is to say, the latest accusations by ETSI (European ...
by nathanAugust 18, 201212
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