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Pocophone F2: The one we’re waiting for, but can lightning strike twice?

Tristan Rayner January 26, 2020 323 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All the rumors in one place

Phillip Prado 11 hours ago 216 shares

I quit the internet for nine days. Here’s how that went.

David Imel January 26, 2020 240 shares

Vote with your wallet: If you love the headphone jack, buy from LG

C. Scott Brown January 26, 2020 775 shares
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8 things iOS does better than Android

Why do people keep going back to iOS? The truth is there are certain things iOS does better than Android.
Edgar CervantesJanuary 12, 20201462 shares

5 features the Google Play Store should steal from the iOS App Store right now

Apple's App Store is light years ahead of the Play Store. Google can quickly change that by lifting these features.
Nick FernandezDecember 22, 2019444 shares

Pornhub reveals most popular Android versions used by viewers in 2019

Android 10 isn't the most popular Pornhub version, as you'd expect, but it's not the second-most popular version either.
Hadlee SimonsDecember 18, 2019471 shares

Report: iOS loyalty set to overtake Android loyalty soon

Android loyalty is at a record high, but our iOS friends are becoming more and more loyal to iOS.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 28, 20191355 shares

Not jealous at all… Half of recent iPhones now use the latest version of iOS

To make matters worse, Apple released the update just over three weeks ago.
Duncan ElderOctober 12, 2018722 shares

Report: Users leave Android for iOS because of a “better user experience” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess if your ideal user experience is whatever Apple allows you to do, then yeah, it's better.
C. Scott BrownAugust 24, 20181929 shares

The core features that are keeping you on Android: let’s talk!

Apple isn't all bad but there are things that iOS just doesn't do well. Here's our list of features that Android just get right.
Tristan RaynerJuly 20, 2018664 shares

The iOS-only apps we wish would come to Android

Unlike in its infant stages, Android's app selection now rivals that of Apple's, but there are still some iOS apps not on Android that we wish were.
A.J. HartlessMay 21, 2018701 shares

Will choosing Android over iOS hurt your chances at getting a loan?

A new study concludes that Android users are less financially responsible than iOS users. Will your phone deny you from getting a bank loan?
C. Scott BrownMay 8, 2018669 shares

Report: Android beats iOS loyalty for three years running (Eat it, iOS!)

A new report about brand loyalty to Android and iOS reminds us of the bygone days when the two sides battled incessantly.
C. Scott BrownMarch 9, 20181993 shares
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