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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review: the way Android is meant to be

by Jimmy Westenberg 21 hours ago0 comments

Why doesn’t Google sell its hardware and services in more markets?

by John Callaham 20 hours ago0 comments

OLED or LCD? [Poll of the Week]

by Jimmy Westenberg 19 hours ago0 comments

The biggest mobile tech blunders in history

by Adam Doud 12 hours ago0 comments
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How to start using AdMob with Firebase to monetize your app

This is a basic guide to setting up AdMob with Firebase and getting the most profit from your free-to-download app. Includes an overview and set-up tutorial.
by Adam SinickiSeptember 2, 20161

AdMob Mobile Statistics reveal Android beats iPhone OS in China

iPhone OS vs Android AdMob have released their latest statistics for April. AdMob are a worldwide company that has a good read on the pulse of the ...
by James TromansMay 27, 2010

Android market position summary

Image from Admob Every few months we bring you an update courtesy of Admob mobile advertisement statistics. AdMob is one of the world’s largest ...
by James TromansFebruary 26, 2010179

Android usage in the USA continues to double quarterly

It is that time of year again and AdMob have compiled a list of metrics for mobile phone and smart phone usage. For those that have not yet heard of the company, AdMob stores and ...
by James TromansJanuary 22, 2010150

Motorola DROID accounts for 24% of Android web trafic after 12 days

Mobile advertising firm AdMob has released some statistics about mobile web use, and the numbers coming out of the Android segment are quite interesting. As of November 18th, ...
by Michael OrylNovember 24, 2009411

Latest AdMob stats show Droid performing well

AdMob In the latest figures released by AdMob only one thing jumps out. The Droid takes 24% and the CLIQ takes 6% of the Android pie. Motorola now ...
by James TromansNovember 24, 2009166

Android Market sales & AdMob release July Mobile statistics

AdMob June-July Every month mobile advertisement metrics company ‘AdMob’ release world-wide statistics on smartphone requests by OS. The short summary ...
by James TromansSeptember 2, 2009209

Android’s G1 claims 5.2% of the US smartphone web traffic

According to an AdMob Mobile Metrics Report, dated February 2009, Android already accounts for 5.2% of the US smartphone web surfing traffic. This isn’t quite up to Apple’s 50%, but ...
by James TromansMarch 25, 2009706
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