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2 articles

Extend Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery life with the official spare battery and charger kit

A Samsung Galaxy S4 spare battery and charger kit has just been released and can be purchased for around $40. Read on to find out more details!
by Alex SerbanJune 15, 201315

Snapdragon 800-based Galaxy S4 shows up once again, this time breaking benchmark records

The rumored Snapdragon 800-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 SHV-E330S has now appeared in a new AnTuTu benchmark score, beraking all existing records. Read on to learn more!
by Andrew GrushJune 14, 201316

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 928 (video)

The Lumia 928 and the Galaxy S4 can be looked at as the unwavering champions in the Windows Phone 8 and Android space. Both are powerful smartphones, but in some cases, it might be hard ...
by Joshua VergaraJune 14, 201317

Samsung’s craziness visualized: 26 screens in one image

An infographic shows the staggering variety of devices that Samsung has brought to market in the UK over the past year.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 14, 201314

The Galaxy S4 Family: what you need to know

What started its off as a single flagship has quickly expanded into one happy Galaxy S4 family. Now that there are five members, which one is right for you? Read on to see how they compare!
by Andrew GrushJune 13, 20137

Samsung’s CEO denies that the Galaxy S4 isn’t selling well

Last week a J.P. Morgan report expressed concerns with the Galaxy S4's sales, prompting a drop in the company's stock price. But Samsung's CEO Kim Yoo-chul begs to differ, stating that ...
by Robert TriggsJune 13, 201310

T-Mobile drops the Galaxy S4’s price to $99.99 on a two-year deal

One of the best Android smartphones of all times has just got even more attractive, if you're a T-Mobile customer. Check out the details.
by Bogdan BeleJune 13, 20136

Galaxy S4 torture tests include drops, water accidents, heat, electricity; Samsung reveals [video]

A new Samsung video shows us what stress tests the Galaxy S4 had to pass before being launched. Read on for more details!
by Chris SmithJune 13, 20136

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 cheaper from Amazon Wireless

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for a cheaper price at Amazon Wireless. Find out the details in the rest of the article.
by Bogdan BeleJune 12, 20135

Official Samsung accessories store to launch in Europe in July – report

Samsung plans to improve its accessory distribution efforts, by opening a dedicated online store in Europe this July. Find out more after the jump.
by Bogdan BeleJune 11, 20131
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