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AT&T, Rogers and Sprint versions of HTC One X get overclocked to 1.8 Ghz

These days it seems like phones and other mobile devices based on the ARM architecture are getting dangerously close to the performance of desktop ...
by LucianJuly 10, 20121

HTC’s profits drop in half in the second quarter, Customs ban and weak sales blamed

HTC warned a few weeks ago that its Q2 earnings will not be that great, and it looks like they were right. HTC’s profit dropped by 57.8% in the last quarter, compared ...
by LucianJuly 6, 201210

Telus Mobility to start selling HTC One X soon

About three months have passed since HTC One X was introduced in Canada. Previously only available on Rogers Wireless due to an exclusivity deal, the phone has finally made ...
by Bams SadewoJuly 5, 2012

Apple’s request for emergency ban on HTC phones in U.S. denied

Apple’s savage attacks against everything and anything Android-related don’t seem to be nearing an end, but the Cupertino-based company has received another blow in its legal ...
by AdrianJuly 3, 20123

Tegra 3 One X gets Jelly Bean port, HTC releases statement on official update

The buttery smooth Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has made its way to the international version of HTC One X, days after the new OS first wowed attendees at the Google I/O ...
by Bams SadewoJune 29, 20123

Samsung Galaxy S3 to top 10 million sales in July

The original Galaxy S model was expected to sell 10 million units during the second part of 2010, while the Galaxy S2 was expected to reach 20 million in the same period. The ...
by LucianJune 25, 20128

HTC aknowledges WiFi problems with Tegra 3 HTC One X models

Over the past couple of weeks, an increasing number of reports surfaced online regarding a construction flaw in the HTC One X’ design that leads to faulty WiFi signal reception in ...
by Mike AndriciJune 19, 20123

Mac-based bootloader unlock script for AT&T and Rogers One X now available

If HTC’s One X is your high-end smartphone of choice these days, but you’re not very comfortable with that Android ICS/Sense 4 UI software combination, there’s only one thing to do. ...
by AdrianJune 14, 20121

Qualcomm expects supply of 28nm S4 chips to increase by 2013

The Snapdragon S4 processor was made at 28nm, and since 28nm is a brand new process for Global Foundries (Qualcomm’s main foundry) and also for TSMC, which means that ...
by LucianJune 13, 2012

One X Wi-Fi issues appear to be caused by an HTC hardware oversight

In case you own an HTC One X and you’re constantly struggling to get a decent Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection, then you need to know you’re not ...
by Chris SmithJune 11, 201214
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