Get a OnePlus 8 from Verizon for $10/mo

The state of Google’s hardware program in 2020

Robert Triggs October 25, 2020 370 shares

It’s time Google updated Pixel camera hardware to match its stellar software

Robert Triggs October 24, 2020 426 shares

OnePlus 9: The nine things we want to see from the next OnePlus flagship

C. Scott Brown October 25, 2020 203 shares

Why is everyone still giving Instagram a free pass?

Suzana Dalul October 25, 2020 235 shares
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Google is working on dark mode for Chrome OS, here’s how to try it

You'll need to switch your Chromebook to the Canary channel.
Igor BonifacicOctober 26, 2020383 shares

The most useful Chromebook keyboard shortcuts and touchpad gestures

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts can be different from what you are used to. Let us show you the most important ones around!
Mitja RutnikOctober 19, 2020

Here are all the Chromebooks that run Android and Linux apps

Google continually updates more Chromebooks to run Linux and Android apps. Here is a list of all your options.
John CallahamOctober 14, 2020254 shares

Here are the best Chromebook covers and cases

Want to protect your new Chromebook laptop? Here are our picks for the best Chromebook covers and cases you can buy.
Phillip PradoOctober 13, 20204 shares

The best Chromebooks for kids

Finding the best Chromebooks for kids is no easy task. These need to be durable, efficient, and offer great value.
Edgar CervantesOctober 1, 202059 shares

The best Samsung Chromebook for your needs and budget

Those looking to get the best Samsung Chromebook for their needs and budget have a hard decision to make. Let's help you!
Edgar CervantesOctober 1, 2020109 shares

Best Chromebooks under $300: Strong contenders for three Benjamins

If you're on a strict budget, finding the right Chromebook can be a challenge. Here are the best Chromebooks under $300.
Eric ZemanSeptember 21, 202084 shares

What is Chrome OS and who is it for?

Learn exactly what Chrome OS is, who should use it, which Chrome OS devices are worth your money, and much more.
Mitja RutnikSeptember 20, 2020

The best Chromebook tablets you can buy

The best Chromebook tablets can replace both PCs and mobile pads. Here's a list of our favorite ones!
Edgar CervantesSeptember 20, 2020108 shares

How to install Linux apps on your Chromebook

Installing Linux apps on Chromebooks is a bit more complicated than installing Android ones. Here's how to do it.
Mitja RutnikSeptember 9, 202063 shares
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