Whether you’re heading out into the wild or just looking for a new emergency flashlight for your trunk, AAPicks may have found you an ‘illuminating’ deal.

For the next few days over at Tech Deals, you can pick up this pair of military flashlights worth $100 for just $17.99, and we think they’re nifty little tools to have to hand.

You could be mistaken for thinking that they’re called ‘tactical military flashlights’ because they have ‘army gear’ emblazoned along the side. But actually it’s the spec and features of these little beamers which really set them apart.

A pair of military flashlights worth $100 for just $17.99

The 500-lumen output means each flashlight would be considered bright enough for military use. That should give you an idea of the type of luminosity they produce.

They also have an adjustable zoom feature, meaning you can sacrifice a small amount of light in the near distance to be able to see a lot further in the dark, in this case as far as 800m ahead. Nifty!

There’s no big innovation about these devices: they’re just very effective pieces of kit. But if you’re looking for a flashlight for your next adventure, then you‘ve probably found you’ll be paying more elsewhere for the same specs. Why bother?

And let’s face it, they do look pretty cool.

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