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Tablified: The easiest way to find apps optimized for your Android tablet

March 19, 2012

There are over 400,000 apps available in the Google Play Store, but relatively few of them are optimized for usage on an Android tablet. In other words, very few so-called “Android tablet apps” are designed specifically to be used on a tablet, as opposed to being scaled-up versions of the regular phone apps that are available on the Play Store. Moreover, unlike the Apple App Store,  which has designated ‘Apps for iPad’ and ‘Apps for iPhone’ areas, the Play Store doesn’t have an effective tool/feature for finding apps that are created especially for Android tablets.

A solution is now at hand. Tablified is an Android app that gives you access to a continuously updated list of apps that are created specifically for Android tablets. For an app to qualify for an entry in Tablified’s catalog, it must follow these guidelines:

  • Design The app is required to be distinguishable from its phone counterpart (if available). To make this distinction, developers are recommended to add a ‘Honeycomb Action Bar’ to the app (the bar that runs along the top of the screen and houses functions like Search and Menu). The inclusion of the Action Bar ensures that the developer is officially supporting Android 3.0 Honeycomb (which is an Android flavor that is specific to tablets). Another recommended design choice is to use a Fragmented User Interface (where possible), as this is rarely seen on phone applications.
  • Removing Menu Button Functionality One of the advantages of including an action bar, as recommended above, is the fact that it makes the legacy menu button obsolete. Found in the bottom notification tray, the  Menu button is frequently featured in games, but should be removed completely for tablet use.
  • Removing Zoom-to-fit API (for games) The Zoom-to-fit API is a workaround that is frequently used by the developers that don’t want to support an Android tablet version. Games that properly high resolution rendering should not require this API anyway.

Here is a video that shows navigation around the website and its features:

Tablified is not an actual app market in itself, but the app collects and compiles data on on “tablified” apps and provides links back to the app page on the Play Store.

There have been some complaints about Tablified’s user interface and long loading times, but it’s still a small price to pay for the very helpful service that the app provides. You can download Tablisfied for free, or buy the paid version (Ad-free) in the Google Play Store. You can also visit for more information and a list of apps currently available.