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Tablets are on track to surpass Notebook computer shipments in 2013

With tablet computers being more powerful than ever before, it looks like they're about to pass a milestone. Reports are that tablets will pass notebook computers in units shipped in 2013, which will be the first time tablets have outsold computers.
November 20, 2012
We all wondered when something like this would happen. When tablets first started gaining real momentum in the global market, many people wondered when buying a tablet would become more preferable to buying a notebook.

At the time, tablets were nice but still pretty niche. They weren’t good for a lot of things. However, over the last year, there have been some pretty amazing tablets released. Google’s Nexus 7 and 10, Apple’s iPad series, and the Microsoft Surface have given consumers more high quality tablet options than ever. Plus, these are able to pretty much all the basic tasks a notebook can do. Now it appears as though that work is paying off.

According to Digitimes, tablets are set to pass up notebook computers in shipments come 2013. This is pretty big news. For the first time, people will line up at their electronics store and be more likely buying a tablet than a computer. It’s been predicted and debated for awhile and it appears as though the debates might be over.

So who will be selling the most tablets next year?

As Digitimes reports, tablet shipments are expected to balloon to 210 million units in 2013. This is up over 35% from 2012. To break down the numbers, Apple still will continue to own the tablet market share with around 55%. For those who aren’t big fans of Apple, that’s a number that has been slowly going down since Steve Jobs announced they had 90% market share when the iPad 2 came out.

With tablets being more popular than ever, has anyone replaced their notebooks with tablets? Tell us your experience.