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Tablet Sales to Hit 500 Million Units by 2015

February 16, 2012

BI Intelligence, a relatively new, but respected branch of SAI’s publishing house, has dropped another gargantuan update about the tablet industry’s rise in the consumer electronics market. According to Alex Cocotas of BI Intelligence, by 2015, overall tablet sales will reach the 500 million annual sales mark, encompassing today’s average PC sales of 360 million per annum.

Although this is something that we have been expecting, the said revelation serves as a proven fact that we are now living in a post PC-era where mobile phones and tablets are everywhere. Last year, the smartphone market exceeded the overall PC sales. This year, however, is the perfect time for the slates to rule. Steve Jobs was right when he said that there will come a time when PCs will become like trucks, and tablets like cars. The visionary was right from the very beginning.

Although PCs are here to stay, thanks to their irrefutable yet conservative functions, they will no longer be the ‘Kings’ of computing. Today, tablets are revolutionizing the way we live and work. By 2015, the tablet industry will balloon into a $100 billion market. Apparently, the analysts report is not only limited to tablets since e-readers are also expected to increase its demand alongside tablets at the fast growth rate of 50% per year. And we can see this reality unfolding before our very eyes.

One prime example is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. It was able to take over 14% of the tablet market in less than 6 weeks, because of Amazon’s intelligent pricing strategy, the power of their brand, and a good concomitant marketing blitz. In fact, Amazon’s Kindle has been so successful that Google is already planning to copy the strategy by working on a cheap tablet alongside Motorola Mobility (Googorola?). Furthermore, Apple, the one who started it all, will continue to lower down the pricing of its iPad models as newer generations of iPads will continue to come.

Not all though, will agree with BI Intelligence’s analysis on the subject. Some are even condemning the report as a form of proselytism, an attempt to convey one’s opinion, instead of mere forecasting. But for us, it’s definitely more than just an opinion. Technology is constantly evolving, and tablets like Asus Transformer Prime and Padfone, among others,  are a living of proof that things do change.

We are not just in a post-PC era. We are now in the post-Windows era where comfortable, hassle-free computing is at its highest. Tablets have carved a different niche. Enterprises and even the education market are completely heading into the same direction of the tablet roadmap. Google Books, Kindle, and iBooks are also a clear manifestation of tablet supremacy.

The point is simple – people have grown tired of using bulky desktops and laptops. Netbooks are somehow caught in the middle. With billions of people connecting to the internet everyday for all sorts of purposes, everyone will always be looking for low-cost, easy to use  flexible alternatives. BI Intelligence has already prophesied the tablet bubble, now it’s time to wait and see what happens next.

Sources: SAI