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Android tablets now show tablet-designed apps by default in Google Play

Thanks to a new Google Play policy change, all Android tablets will now show "designed for tablet" apps by default, hiding apps that are designed with the phone in mind.
November 22, 2013

Back in mid-October, we learned that Google was preparing to make some changes to the Play Store that would directly affect the way tablet users see apps. As expected, the changes officially rolled out on Thursday, no app update required.

So what exactly are these new changes about? Google will now show apps “designed for tablets” by default on all tablet devices, though it will still allow you to switch to a view that lets you see all apps. Apps that have not been optimized for tablets will also now be marked as “designed for phones”.

Since you can still view and use phone apps, this new Play Store update doesn’t necessarily change anything for tablet users, but it does send a clear message to app developers that if they want maximum exposure — they’ll want to ensure that their app is tablet optimized. This is an important move because it shows that Google is dedicated to improving Android’s tablet experience.

Although the Android tablet experience has improved dramatically over the course of the last year or so, there are still critics that point to how Android doesn’t have nearly as many tablet apps as the iPad. Hopefully this change in policy will be enough to push more developers to release tablet optimized apps, and therefore even the score board a bit.

What do you think of this new move? Additionally, what do you think of the tablet experience on an Android device — equal to the competition, or does it still have a ways to go?