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Samsung: Tab S back cover issues not caused by overheating

According to Samsung, back cover deformities on the Galaxy Tab S are not caused by overheating. Reportedly they have already resolved the issue and working with affected owners to fix devices that ran into issues.
July 21, 2014
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Just last week we learned some Galaxy Tab S users were running into problems with their tablet’s back cover becoming deformed, throwing off the otherwise beautiful look and feel of the device. It was originally reported that the source of the issue was overheating of the processor, which resulted in the intense heat warping the back.

As it turns out, Samsung says this isn’t the case. In an official statement, they say that a very small number of Galaxy Tab S units shipped with defective back covers that would start warping with otherwise ordinary use. The good news is that Samsung indicates they have already resolved in the issue and are urging any affected customers to contact them for repair/replacement.

Here’s the statement in full:

Contrary to certain media reports, the slight disfiguration that has formed on the rear surface of the Galaxy Tab S has been attributed to a limited number of defective back covers, which has no relation to the overheating of the application processor or the material used for the back cover. We would like to assure our customers that we have already resolved the issue. We ask affected customers to please contact their nearest Samsung Electronics customer service center.

While situations like this are certainly a bit frustrating, it’s nice to see that Samsung is doing it’s best to address the situation in a timely manner and it’s also great that the problem is limited and not necessarily as serious as many originally believed it to be. Do you own a Galaxy Tab S, if so, have you ran into any problems with your back cover or is all well for you?