For those of you high on the fumes of the Samsung S3’s explosive release, here’s an even bigger dose for you: Hollywood-esque shorts shot entirely on the Sammy S3! That’s right, the chutzpah of T-mobile’s marketing unit, came up with the brilliant idea to shoot a quick action flick to promote the device.

They chose none other than veteran YouTube director/special effects coordinator, Freddie Wong, to do the work for them. The videos show a real workmanship, not only behind the design of the film, but also in showcasing the world-class build and technological essence of Samsung’s flagship phone. The flick is called ‘Sandcastle Sensei’ and the whole thing looks to be put out on a shoestring budget, including consumer-level editing software.

For those of you who are Samsung S3 aficionados, you already know the 8MP optical lens in the device is an industry standard. What you may not know is that it doesn’t take a Carl Zeiss lens (Sorry, Nokia!) to produce a well put together movie, with smooth transitions and crisp image quality. Watch the whole thing below and then follow up with the behind-the-scenes which was also shot on the same phone.