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While rumors continue about T-Mobile’s potential merger with Sprint, T-Mobile’s next step in their uncarrier phase may have recently been leaked. According to TmoNews, pictures received for an upcoming T-Mobile Samsung device (Galaxy Avant) show that the phone comes included with a pre-installed piece of software along with Android 4.4.2.

As TmoNews notes through their source:

As for the interesting piece of software: Two test drivers of the device noted that the phone had a pre-installed app for carrier unlocking the device. Upon booting up the app and going through a couple of prompts, the device was completely unlocked. Our source noted that he tried a VZW SIM card, which worked fine. Interestingly, once the phone was unlocked and the phone restarted, the device unlocking app was no longer there.

So, are T-Mobile phones going to soon be coming with carrier unlocking apps? We still are not sure.

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Plans have already leaked that included in T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 show on June 18 will be updated billing practices that allow a customer to buy a $50 plan and then be charged exactly $50 including taxes. This type of billing practice is rare but does currently exist under MetroPCS which is owned by T-Mobile.

According to PhoneArena, even with those billing practices in place, T-Mobile will not be increasing the overall price of their plans.

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Also, did I mention that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing at the Uncarrier event?