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T-Mobile's throttling policy continues to bring up questions

T-Mobile doesn't want people using their network with P2P programs.
August 15, 2014

Two days ago, we reported that T-Mobile was beginning to warn and throttle customers with unlimited data plans who were using P2P/Torrent programs.

Now, ReCode has spoken to a T-Mobile representative who has tried to clarify this throttling policy. According to the clarification, T-Mobile is only going to be warning/throttling a “small number of customers using the service in violation of company policies.”

Basically, T-Mobile doesn’t want people using their network for “large-scale” peer-to-peer file sharing. According to T-Mobile, they will not be throttling heavy users and those customers paying for totally unlimited service on their phone will be getting such unlimited service.

“We are planning to reach out to them and let them know and help them change. There’s no limit on data. People can use it as much as they want on their smartphone[s].” – ReCode, Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert

So, there are no limits and you can use it as much as you want. Except, you can’t use it to tether or use a number of perfectly legal P2P programs because that would put too much of a strain on the network.

But this isn’t about data!

Maybe this is nit-picking but the definition of unlimited means: