T-Mobile G1 Android LogoVincent over at Android Community has been digging through the domain names that T-Mobile has registered and recently noticed that T-MobileG1.com has been assigned to a name server. Without getting all technical, let’s just say that you can own a domain for years and do nothing with it, but should you change your mind and want to actually use it for a website, you will have to configure your DNS server (or those of your ISP) to know about it.

That’s what has happened with T-MobileG1.com.

It is now being served by the same company that hosts Sidekick.com and other T-Mobile domains. Vincent also goes on to claim that the followup devices will be named T-Mobile G2, G3, G4, G5 because of the other domains that T-Mo has registered, but that’s not exactly a safe assumption – they could just be covering their bases from a marketing perspective. Just in case.

Darcy LaCouvee
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