t-mobile_android_sweatshirtT-Mobile USA said that its next Android based phone would be available in “early summer”, it seems that the company is going to spill the beans sometime before then.  According to a mocoNews interview of T-Mobile USA’s Cole Brodman, the company’s chief technical officer, T-Mobile will unveil its next Android phone this month (June, 2009). 

In the interview Brodman wouldn’t give many details, but mocoNews seems to think that it is likely that the device will be from a new manufacturer partnet based on what Brodman said.  The following passage is from the mocoNews story:

He wouldn’t say much else about the device, but it sounds like it has a high likelihood of coming from a new handset partner, like Motorola (NYSE: MOT) or Samsung, rather than from HTC, which manufactured the original T-Mobile G1. Brodman: “We’ll have multiple new Android devices—from multiple partners—this year.”

That jives with what we’ve been hearing as well.  While HTC’s Magic is obviously ready, T-Mobile might be thinking that it would be best to show off a second device coming from a different source, so that users don’t equate Android with HTC.

I’m sure HTC wouldn’t mind that, though…