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T-mobile unboxes its carrier-branded version of the Xperia Z3

Over the weekend, T-Mobile released a video showing off the unboxing of the T-Mobile branded Sony Xperia Z3.
September 8, 2014

Despite early rumors of a Verizon partnership, the Sony Xperia Z2 never made its way to any U.S. carrier officially and instead was purchasable only in unlocked form online. The good news is that Sony is rectifying the situation with the Sony Xperia Z3, which will launch at T-Mobile later this fall and will reportedly arrive around the same time as other global carriers get the device.

We’ve long be waiting for Sony to make a major U.S. Comeback, and many are hoping that the Xperia Z3 will be the start of such a move. Of course, one carrier isn’t exactly a massive push, but there are rumors that Sprint could be following suit in the near future.

Back to T-Mobile’s plans for the Z3: while they don’t give us an exact date just yet, the company is already attempting to generate some excitement for the handset and so they released an “unboxing video” over the weekend that gives us a pretty good look at the T-Mobile version of the device (as seen above). For those interested, you can also check out our hands-on first look at the device below:

What do you think, planning on picking up the Xperia Z3 in the states? How about those outside of the U.S., like the Z3 or do you feel it’s too minor of an update when compared to its predecessor?