T-Mobile logoAccording to a tweet on by the official T-Mobile UK twitter account, the carrier’s next Android based smartphone will be called the G1Touch.  I think this is a very odd name, considering that the original G1 was also touch capable, but I guess that’s why I’m not in marketing.

We don’t know if the device will be the new Huawei device recently announced or if it will be the HTC Magic, which we feel is much more likely.  In any case, the Huawei U8230 is slated to go on sale with T-Mobile in Europe during the third quarter of 2009.

In related news, T-Mobile USA appears to have admitted to an Android phone announcement coming next week, after the Wall Street Journal posted the rumor earlier this week.  Word came in an email message we received that also contained info on the T-Mobile Dash 3G that was announced last night.