According to, the Motorola Milestone, also known as the Motorola Droid in the United States, is on its way to T-Mobile in the UK. Available only to contract subscribers, the Milestone will be available on a range of price plans, some of which will offer the phone itself for free.

The Milestone is virtually identical to the Droid, offering the latest version of Google’s Android OS, along with an excellent processor, 5MP camera and 3.7’’ touch-screen. The Milestone comes with Motorola’s own GPS navigation software to replace Google’s turn-by-turn equivalent, and also supports multi-touch in the web-browser.

“This new launch means that there are now more than double the number of pay monthly contract tariffs available for this new Motorola Android phone, this includes deals for the Milestone free on some tariffs including the T-Mobile Combi 25 tariff which for £25 line rental per month allocates 700 minutes of calls to any network at any time (including landline calls) and unlimited inclusive text messaging every month.”

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.