Verizon took my money

For most of us, Valentine’s Day usually conjures up thoughts of gifts, flowers, and soppy love letters, but T-Mobile is taking a slightly different approach to the day, by inciting a little heartbreak.

The ever eccentric CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, has taken to twitter to encourage us all to breakup this Valentine’s Day, with our carriers that is. The advertising campaign is nicknamed “UnValentinesDay”, after T-Mobile’s popular “uncarrier” approach to mobile tariffs.

In a series of tweets over the past 24 hours, Legere has targeted every other major US carrier with a variety of mocking images. So far we’ve seen “Let’s kiss and break up… with AT&T“, “Hey girl, I can’t afford a nice dinner. Verizon took all my money“, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s break up with our carrier“, and my personal favourite, “Let’em down easy and sprint like hell”. Legere then rounded off his night of tweets with a picture of himself enjoying the Winter Olympics with a cigar.

Sprint like hell

To be honest, we probably should have been anticipating something whacky from the US’s most outspoken carrier. T-Mobile already has a reputation for creating some of the mobile industry’s more out there advertising campaigns, earlier this year we saw T-Mobile openly mocking AT&T in various US newspapers, and Legere even personally crashed AT&T’s party at this year’s CES.

Are you in love with T-Mobile’s more brazen advertising strategies, or would you like to see Legere tone it down a little?

Robert Triggs
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