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T-Mobile to follow Sprint's cue, launch prepaid service GoSmart nationwide soon

T-Mobile seems to be following Sprint's lead as they plan to launch the GoSmart service nationwide soon.
February 1, 2013
Believe it or not, Sprint has had prepaid service long before it’s recently released “Sprint Pay As You Go” plans. Using MVNO’s like Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, Sprint was able to keep people on their network, if not under their name. T-Mobile has been working on a similar strategy with MVNO’s like Solavei and Ultra Mobile. They’ll be adding GoSmart to their list of MVNO’s very soon.

According to Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile has been testing GoSmart in select market areas. Their plans are very cheap and very simple $30 gets you unlimited voice and text, $35 gets you all of the above plus unlimited 2G web, and $45 gets you unlimited voice, text, and 5GB of 3G web, with unlimited 2G web thereafter.

As for device selection, it’s much like the popular Straight Talk or the up and coming PlatinumTel. Customers can bring their own unlocked GSM devices to the network. If you’d rather get something new, GoSmart offers a range of very cheap devices that won’t impress anyone, but won’t break the bank.

Despite the lack of 4G and capped 3G, T-Mobile found that people actually really liked GoSmart. So much so that the big carrier intends to make the service nationwide sometime this month. It only makes sense, as more and more people are going prepaid these days.

Will GoSmart affect the T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger?

Probably not at all. T-Mobile has had a bunch of MVNO’s launching and it hasn’t affected their business with MetroPCS. So we anticipate that their merger is going just as planned. With the addition of a CDMA carrier to their network, it may not be long before we see T-Mobile MVNO’s with CDMA and GSM service. They would be among only a few that offer such a service.

We know most of our readers are power users, so the lack of 4G is probably a deal breaker. Is there anyone out there who things GoSmart is a bargain either for themselves or for a loved one?