The first we heard about the LG Flip II was in June this year at a London expo. The surprising thing about it was the “II” part of the name – as far as we know there’s no LG Flip. Of course, there maybe a totally unrelated phone that bears the “Flip” name – branding can work a bit like that after all.

Anyway, information about it was pretty limited then, but – surprise, surprise – it seems that T-Mobile will be bringing the phone to the States.

So what exactly makes the LG Flip II special?

Well, what got everyone’s attention when it was firs shown is the unique between-the-keys display. This allows you to have eight shortcuts on its QWERTY keyboard – which happens to slide-out. This makes things a bit easier for any user operating it in landscape view. Anyway, that’s its main selling point. It’s still a mystery how they’ll be branding the Flip II here in the States and a lot of the specs about it are a mystery. What is known about it is that its front speaker design is reminiscent og the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q design and hands-on have placed it as a bit bigger than the Milestone 2.

If you like what you see from the photos of it, you can try to pick up this dual-screen handset at your T-Mobile branch on September 14th. Hopefully, by then, we know a little more about this mystery phone and what exactly it’s capable of and how much it costs.

Source: Talk Android

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