The rumors regarding the new prepaid brand of T-Mobile were true after all, as the company has confirmed that it is testing its new prepaid service which it calls GoSmart Mobile. T-Mobile confirmed the rumors to FierceWireless and also revealed that the new service is currently being tested in select markets. Although T-Mobile didn’t divulge further details on these markets, it did reveal that it will evaluate the test results and will then decide to possibly launch it nationwide sometime in the coming year.

While the service is yet to be launched, the official site for GoSmart Mobile is now live. The site highlights the product portfolio which features a host of talk, text and web plans. These include a $30 per month plan with unlimited talk time and text messages.

For $35 per month the plan will include unlimited talk time, texts, as well as web. For those looking for 3G data, a $45 per month plan will be offered that will provide 5GB of 3G data in addition to unlimited talk time, texts, and 2G web.

Customers can bring their own unlocked devices to take advantages of these plans. However, it explains that some devices such as BlackBerrys, micro-SIM devices, etc. will not be able to utilize their full function capabilities. But GoSmart is also offering an $8 SIM card kit and an entry level QWERTY device, the Alcatel OT838 that has a 2.4-inch screen and 2-megapixel camera.

While GoSmart will please many users who are looking for good prepaid solutions, the fact that 4G data is missing will upset some of them. Let’s hope T-Mobile changes its mind and adds 4G when the service is launched for everyone next year. Having said that, it could be an ideal service for people who are looking forward to saving some cash by cutting down their telecom expenses.