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T-Mobile starts 12 Days of Value Promo, brings big discounts on smartphones and up to $120 for traded in devices

With the holiday season in full swing, T-Mobile is hoping to cash in early with the 12 Days of Value. Potential customers will be treated to discounted smartphones, value plans, and up to $120 back if you trade in a smartphone.
December 2, 2012
Tis the season, as they say. With the holidays in full swing, we will all soon be treated to a plethora of holiday sales events. However, there are some companies who are going for the holiday spirit as early as possible to get those early shoppers. T-Mobile is one of those companies and they just started a promo called the 12 Days of Value.

The 12 Days of Value will give potential customers 12 days to take advantage of discounted smartphones and T-Mobile’s value plans. It started on December 1 and will run through December 12. It should be noted that these deals are only for brick and mortar stores. So you won’t find these deals online.

So here’s how it works. Customers can get a spanking new Value plan on T-Mobile for only $12 down. If you’d prefer, you can trade in one of the mobile devices on T-Mobile’s list for $120 back. Included on that list are a lot of older devices and most of them are on T-Mobile. But there are some newer devices too, like the Samsung Galaxy S III. Why anyone would sell theirs for $120 is a tough question to answer, though.

Is this a good deal by T-Mobile?

It’s really not bad. The big deal here is the T-Mobile Value Plans. They’re cheaper than their classic contract plans on average. You can get unlimited everything, including HSPA+ 4g, for $69.99. That’s not bad for a contract plan.

For those who may be switching carriers this holiday season, does this look like a deal worth checking out? Let us know what you think.