T-Mobile Globe International

According to a tipster over at TmoNews, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans will be adding an add-on service that will include free talk and text to Mexico, unlimited talk and text to 32 other countries. The official T-Mobile announcement and service start date is expected to be February 23rd.

The existing International Talk and Text $10/month add-on to Simple Choice plans provides healthy roaming services as well as international call and text services. Folks on international trips get reduced rates or even unlimited call/text/data service depending on the country they visit. While making international calls from your home in the States, you’ll get unlimited calls to landlines to over 70 countries, including Mexico, unlimited text to over 200 countries, but most calls to international mobile phones run $0.20 or more per minute.

The anticipated service change will see the addition of unlimited mobile to mobile calling and texting to 32 countries for $5 more per month. Although Mexico is not one of the 32 countries listed, there will be yet another $5 per month add-on available that will include 1000 mobile to mobile minutes to Mexico, with $0.04/min thereafter.

t-mobile-break-up-letterFor those of us with family, friends and colleagues scattered around the globe, affordable talk and text to international mobile phones, not just landlines, is a huge deal. Speaking for myself, less than half of my international contacts have landlines, we all love our mobile devices. There are free services, like Google Voice, Skype or Google Hangouts, that are amazing alternatives to mobile carriers and their fees, but there is no substitute to the, almost nostalgic, feeling of simply picking up the phone and dialing the number of a loved one. These new T-Mobile offerings help make this a little easier for modern users as we spread across the globe.

Check out their plans and compatible devices (now, and after Feb 23) and let us know if this offer appeals to you – if you’ll be sending a break up letter to another carrier? If not, do you use another service for roaming and international calls?

Jonathan Feist
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