android cupcakeAccording to an official statement passed through T-Mobile‘s forums admin, Will:

According to the Android team, “Cupcake,” which is the code name for an Android software build, is still a work in progress that is considered to be a development branch and not for general availability.

We will update you as T-Mobile G1 software updates are made available to T-Mobile customers.


No, not actually.  Because it truly is a development branch.  I just think that T-Mobile is trying to manage expectations a bit here so that we don’t get our britches in a bunch when we don’t get a Cupcake update for the G1 any time soon.

My theory is that we won’t see the Cupcake update for the G1 until after the HTC Sapphire based G2 ships.  And probably not for a month or two after that, since T-Mobile might want to make sure that it sells as many new devices with the added functionality as it can before it starts offering that same functionality to existing G1 users.

Think Windows Mobile 6.1 updates for 6.0 smartphones – that took some time, and there are plenty of devices that never got the 6.1 update.

We see that all the time in this industry.  The carriers and handset manufacturers want people to buy new and better devices.  This scenario would fit that bill, especially in a bad global economy where so many mobile companies are posting big losses.

I’m not saying this is the plan.  I hope it isn’t.  It’s just what my gut tells me.

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