Valentine’s Day is still more than a week away, so you probably wouldn’t expect the traditional special sales and deals to start so early. However, it seems T-Mobile is looking to jump the gun with some exclusive discounts on select Samsung smartphones.

Magenta is not going to advertise the deals as Valentine’s Day promos, but we don’t think we’ll be seeing other similar offers from the carrier as soon as next week, so you might as well get something for your loved ones early.

Four Sammy phones will be part of the promotion, if the leaked doc picked up by TmoNews proves to be legit. The Galaxy S3 will be leading the pack, but you shouldn’t ignore the deals on the GS2, S Relay and S Blaze either.

In fact, the last three will be practically available for free with new two-year contracts, which is the definition of a lucrative deal in our book. You will however be required to put a down payment of $99.99 for each of the three, money that you’ll subsequently get back  in the form of mail-in rebates.


As for the GS3, that’ll go for $99.99 in the 16 GB flavor and $149.99 with 32 GB of on-board storage. Both prices are after similar $100 rebates, so downright payments will be of $199.99 and $249.99 respectively.

To qualify for the deals, you’ll not only need to pen new two-year agreements with T-Mobile, but also pick certain data plans. For the S Blaze and Relay, the minimum requirement is to go for a plan with 2 GB of data, while to get the GS2 or GS3 on the cheap you’ll have to pick a 5 GB or higher plan.

All things considered, the deals don’t sound too awful, even if it’s pretty disappointing to see yet another Samsung sale not including the Galaxy Note 2. The special offers should go live sometime today (February 6) and run through March 23. Anyone excited?