T-Mobile users, mark your calendars for November 16 and 17 if you are looking for a new Samsung device. According to a newly leaked picture, T-Mobile will be hosting another Samsung sale for new customers looking to grab a new Android phone. The marketing material, pictured below, does not mention if current users will be allowed to make use of these great deals, but let us hope they will.

The devices included in the deal are nothing to turn a blind eye to. The Galaxy S3 is the most notable device on the list, considering it was the best sold smartphone in the world last quarter. Other devices included in the list are the Galaxy S2, as well other older Samsung Android handsets. The Galaxy Note 2 is not mentioned, but we would expect that, since it’s a Samsung device, it would be part of the actual sale.

The most important thing is the price: these Samsung handsets will be offered for free, after mail-in rebates, when purchased with new two-year contracts.

So there you have it, T-Mobile users, if you have been looking for a new device to keep you going until T-Mobile gets LTE-Advanced, here is your chance of getting a great 4G Samsung phone for free. What will you be buying?

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