image_2We recently received an update from Waggener Edstrom Worldwide on behalf of T-Mobile USA, giving us the low-down on the most recent G1 user statistics. We thought that some of these were quite interesting, so we’ve provided you with the highlights below!

Nearly half of all G1 owners and users have come from a standard non-Smartphone device. They are new to the world of mobile Internet, and having it in the palm of their hand has come as a novelty to many. As such, they have started to take advantage of it with both hands. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 80% of all G1 users browse the web on a daily basis. If we look at the average week, 50% of G1 users will hit up Facebook or YouTube at least once during this time.

When at home or in the office, G1 users really make use of the WiFi connectivity, keeping their mobile usage down within contractual limits but also increasing the speed of their downloads and browsing. At least 50% of G1 users use WiFi on a daily basis. This may explain how the average user has over 40 applications from the Android Market and 80% of G1 users will grab a new one each week!
Not bad huh?

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.