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In T-Mobile’s never-ending quest to shake up the U.S. cellular service industry, the uncarrier has now announced plans to end overage charges on all of its plans starting May 1st. This means that instead of charging additional fees when you go over your allotted data, they simply throttle the speed of the connection.

While this sounds like a pretty awesome move, it’s really not all that new for the company. Most of T-Mobile’s existing Simple Choice plans are already completely free of overage charges and other ‘surprises’ on the bill.

So what’s the real change here? Basically T-Mobile is killing overages for all of its subscribers across the board, including those still locked into legacy T-Mobile plans. Although this isn’t nearly as ‘exciting’ as last week’s announcements related to a new Simple Starter plan and better tablet pricing, it’s still nice to see T-Mobile continuing to poke the stick at the bear (Verizon and AT&T).

Speaking of provoking the other carriers, T-Mobile’s John Legere has now created a new petition on Change.org calling for the end of overage fees on all U.S. Carriers. Obviously T-Mobile is using this more as free PR and advertising than anything, though we’re sure there are plenty of folks that agree with the sentiment of ending data overages.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s continued uncarrier efforts? Is this a solid way to shake up the industry, or do you feel it’s really nothing but gimmicks and PR stunts?

Andrew Grush
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