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Good girl gone bad Carly promotes T-Mobile's One S in new ad

May 17, 2012

If you’re familiar with Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile’s spokeswoman that has appeared in the carrier’s ads since 2010, but you haven’t watched the news lately, you might be in for a real shocker today.

“The cute girl in the pink dress” is now Bad Girl Carly and two recent ads promoting T-Mobile’s HTC One S are set to raise your blood pressure significantly in a matter of seconds. While the One S should have been the star of the new TV commercials, T-Mobile has risked a bit, attracting all male eyes on Carly, who is rocking a leather suit on an even sexier Ducati motorcycle.

We have a smoking hot young woman in a leather suit, a fantastic black-and-pink Ducati, and these ads are part of a campaign promoting a phone? I know, it might sound weird, but if you think about it, it’s quite smart. Both videos have the potential to become viral and to attract very large audiences, which should be the number one target of any advertising campaign. And even though not everyone will remember the ads as promoting T-Mobile and HTC’s One S, at least for some that might stick.

The first of the two ads, called “See It Again” (released a while ago), uses an advertising technique that I for one usually find cheap. T-Mobile’s HTC One S is compared with AT&T’s iPhone 4S, which is uncool from two reasons. First of all, I think that if you have a good enough product that you really trust, you should be able to promote it without attacking your competitors. Secondly and more importantly, I feel that T-Mo is taking a cheap shot at the iPhone 4S, which overall is a much better phone than the HTC One S, but that has some issues with connectivity speeds.

That being said, the actual commercial is not at all bad and you can see that it has cost T-Mobile some dough. I like the idea of the replay, showing exactly how faster is T-Mo’s One S in comparison with AT&T’s iPhone, and I loooove Carly’s cheeky smile and the way she “peaces out” the dude on the blue motorcycle.

The second ad, called “Fast Songs”, is not as controversial as “See It Again”, and only concentrates on a couple of the One S’s strong points, but then again it’s clearly less creative than the first commercial. Sexy Carly is showing off the phone’s Google Play Music capabilities before running off into the night on her snazzy bike.

All in all, this ad might actually do its job better than the first one, even though it won’t be as debated, as it shows off the HTC One S more. There’s also more Carly for us, so what’s there not to like?

What do you guys think of T-Mobile’s new ad campaign? Do you like the commercials? Do you like Carly better as a bad girl than as a cute girl in a pink dress?