Mobile carriers are moving away from their legacy data plans in an effort to promote more usage (and perhaps charging a higher base fee for data). T-Mobile, for one, is changing its minimum data plan. While you can previously subscribe to a 200MB bucket for $10, the minimum is now the Unlimited Plus data plan, which starts at $20. This change was effected last October 10, 2012.

But don’t fret, the $20 bucket pricing gets you 2 GB of data allocation, which can be used toward mobile surfing, multimedia, and a whole slew of online services. If you’re already on the 200MB data plan, you can keep it, but you will have to pay full retail price for a phone upgrade if and when decide to renew your contract.

If you’re already an avid mobile surfer, then going for the higher $20 plan makes sense, since there’s less likelihood of going over your plan and paying per-megabyte charges. That’s 10 times the data allocation for just twice the cost.

Is anyone still satisfied with a 200MB data cap, or is T-Mobile right in setting a 2GB monthly minimum for data connections?