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T-Mobile brings mobile hotspot access and domestic data roaming to prepaid plans

Who wants to pay for the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot? Luckily with T-Mobile's prepaid accounts it looks like you no longer have to! Additionally T-Mobile will also provide a small amount of free domestic roaming data going forward.
October 25, 2013

T-Mobile continues to switch up the way they do business with their uncarrier initiative. Not only has T-Mobile ditched conventional contracts and added an early upgrade program, the uncarrier recently unveiled plans to bring free global data roaming to its smartphones and 200MB of free data for all tablets compatible with their network. It looks like the changes don’t end there, either.

According to several reports, T-Mobile has quietly rolled out some new changes to its prepaid plans. Specifically, T-Mobile now provides free mobile hotspot tethering from its devices.

Reaching out to T-Mobile for confirmation, Android Central was issued this statement:

Starting Oct. 20, T-Mobile will give pay-in-advance customers access to domestic data roaming across the U.S. for the first time. Additionally, pay-in-advance customers that sign up for our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will also have access to 2.5GB of Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (i.e. tethering). Only T-Mobile gives pay-in-advance customers data roaming AND Smartphone Mobile Hotspot at no extra charge with their Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

So that means that the Unlimited 4G plan now provides 2.5GB of free tethering as well as 50MB of domestic data roaming access. T-Mobile didn’t specifically acknowledge its prepaid limited data plans, but looking to the chart below we learn that the $50 plan includes 500MB tethering and 10MB domestic data roaming, with the $60 plan including the same 2.5GB tethering and 50MB roaming as found with the unlimited plan.


Let’s be honest, the amount of free domestic data roaming provided is tiny, but it’s hard to complain when you’re getting something for free. The real news here is that T-Mobile prepaid customers no longer have to worry about paying a $15 mobile hotspot fee or incurring their carrier’s wraith if they try to find a way around mobile hotspot restrictions. No, it’s not “uncarrier sized” news, but it’s still a welcome change.

What do you think of the new minor changes to T-Mobile’s prepaid plans – excited by the inclusion of tethering or not?