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T-Mobile's LTE launch just days away, Las Vegas and Kansas City to be first

T-Mobile's LTE launch was delayed due to some tweaking that needed to be done. However, the fixes are in place and T-Mobile should be flipping the switch any day now.
January 16, 2013
Just a few days ago, T-Mobile announced that LTE would be turned on very soon. There were some delays as their plans to launch it during CES 2013 fell through. Those delays have apparently been taken care of because LTE should be showing up any day now.

According to Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray proclaimed that LTE was very nearly ready to be deployed. After Las Vegas, Kansas City is next in line for T-Mobile’s new LTE network.

From there, the roadmap for LTE release will reportedly follow that of their HSPA+ network. This means that Baltimore, Houston, and Washington DC will be next in line after Kansas. T-Mobile has been adament that they’ll be getting their LTE up pretty quickly.

They have estimated that by mid 2013, over 100 million people will have LTE coverage. By the end of the year, that number should double. This will match the estimated 200 million people who will have HSPA+ by the end of 2013. That’s a lot of 4G for everyone.

Will T-Mobile be able to pull this off?

That is hard to determine. When Sprint began rolling out their LTE, they had a pretty firm plan in place. A myriad of delays has prevented them from achieving their initial goals. Thankfully, T-Mobile didn’t make the same bad mistake that Sprint did. T-Mobile’s current devices still support HSPA+ as will their future devices, so even if you don’t have LTE, you’ll still have their HSPA+ network. So no one will get stuck on crummy 3G because because the carrier didn’t think to include support for their other 4G network.

In terms of devices, the Galaxy Note 2 will reportedly get a quick update to turn on the dormant LTE chip. In addition, T-Mobile will release a variant of the Galaxy S III with LTE so customers can pick that up as well. Technically, the Nexus 4 can as well, but the FCC really prefers if you didn’t activate it. T-Mobile customers, are you looking forward to the LTE launch or will you be more excited when it’s been completed? Let us know!