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A phone that can scream for help? Only from T-Mobile and Lookout Mobile Security

This sound alarm feature might be useless for some, but a life saver for others
April 11, 2012

If one of the longest relationships you’ve had in your life was with your smartphone, you surely know how heartbreaking it can be to lose a phone. Yes, it’s better to have loved and lost a phone, rather than to never have had one at all. But losing the important documents and private pictures  we all keep on our phones still sucks big time.

Nevertheless, losing your precious device might be something you won’t have to go through if your mobile device runs the Lookout Mobile Security app, for it will “scream” for help once you remotely activate the alarm.

T-Mobile is partnering with Lookout, a mobile security firm based in San Francisco, in bringing the Lookout Security & Antivirus app to its smartphones. With the Lookout app, you can locate your missing smartphone on Google Maps, and, once you get to it (assuming it’s still nearby), you can activate the sound alarm to help you with the rescue. The sound can be anything from a T-Mobile jingle, a train whistle, a wolf howl, a Star Trek zooming sound, or a simple siren, and is considerably louder than a regular ringtone.

Apart from the ingenious Find My Phone feature complete with Scream (I mean wolf howling) tones, the security app also comes with a Remote Lock & Wipe feature, and provides protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojans. By the way, you can actually download the Lookout security app for free on Google Play even if you’re not on T-Mobile. TMo customers just have it easier since the app will come preloaded on the phone.

Do you ever wonder what are the most common places for people to lose their phones? This list right here is quite interesting, we think. In any case, better safe than sorry, folks!