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T-Mobile launches its “best deal ever”: $120 for 6 GB of data, 4 lines, free phones

T-Mobile has today offered its "best deal ever": 6 GB of data on each of four lines, with four free Samsung Galaxy phones for just $120/month total.
July 13, 2016
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T-Mobile has officially launched its “best deal ever” today. Pay $120/month for 6 GB of data on each of four lines with four free Samsung Galaxy phones to boot. If you want to get even more data to spread around then you’ll get an even fancier phone for each member of your family.

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OK, here’s the skinny: basically you’ll be paying $30 per line per month (for the 6 GB deal). If you bump that up to 10 GB per device per month, you’ll need to pay $40 per month, per line. The reason I mention these particular data thresholds is because that’s where the free device offer kicks in.

For family plans on at least 6 GB per device you can pick up four free Galaxy On5 handsets. Order 10 GB of data per device and you’ll be able to take home four shiny new Galaxy J7 (2016)‘s. You’ll need to maintain service on all four devices for the full two years to receive the full compliment of bill credits.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 model

You’ll also get to enjoy T-Mobile’s unlimited streaming (via Music Freedom and BingeOn), no data overages and rollover for unused data (Data Stash). The offer is a limited-time-only affair though, so if your entire family is in the market for a new plan with new phones as well, now might be the time to pull the T-Mo trigger.

To take advantage of the “best deal ever”, hit the link below, visit a T-Mobile store or authorized dealer, TeleSales, Care or National Wireless retailer.