The buttery smooth Jelly Bean is on the mind of many ICS users, but while we’re stuck on ICS, we might as well enjoy the Android 4.0 experience at its fullest, right? T-Mobile HTC One S owners are now spoiled with an update that will take their phones from Android 4.0.3 and HTC Sense 4.0 to Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1.

The same upgrade hit the European version of the One S last month, which means T-Mo users should expect the same noticeable performance and cosmetic improvements.  Among them, you will surely appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity fixes, the improved Wi-Fi stability, but also a general improvement to the stability of the device.

The changelog also promises specific bug fixes — streaming music will no longer skip tracks or parts of songs, less signal fluctuations, the elimination of lag when returning to home screen, and help with email links that used to not open. Finally, there are also some unspecified user interface improvements that are probably not very visible or important for the phone’s overall performance.

T-Mobile is rolling out the update OTA (over-the-air) as we speak, and you should have probably received it already if your One S runs (or used to run) Android 4.0.3 with software versions 1.53.531.76 710RD or 1.84.531.2 710 RD. Also, your phone should be unrooted to get the upgrade, otherwise you’ll have to download the software package from a different source than the official one.

If however you comply to all those conditions and are yet to receive an automatic prompt message for upgrading, you might want to dive in your “Settings” menu, and then tap on “About phone” – “Software updates” – “Check now”. Your battery life should be above the 50% mark and we also advise you to be connected to Wi-Fi, as the update weighs in at a pretty hefty 140 MB.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think of the software upgrade. Does it make the wait for Jelly Bean a bit more bearable?