The Galaxy S3 is getting older in Android years, and we’re mostly interested in 2013 Android devices at this point, with its successor probably topping that list. But that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have some surprises left, at least for some mobile subscribers out there.

Android Greed has spotted a new T-Mobile Galaxy S3 version, the SGH-T999L, which popped up on the Bluetooth SIG certification site and could just be the T-Mobile LTE version of Samsung’s hot 2012 high-end handset.

Obviously we have no confirmation from either Samsung or T-Mobile, but since the latter is going to offer LTE support next year, chances are that it’s interested in also having plenty of high-end devices capable to provide LTE data speeds.

But there’s some proof that T-Mobile could launch an LTE-ready Galaxy S3. Just look at the carrier’s current Galaxy S3 version that happens to be codenamed SGH-T999. That particular model number makes this newly uncovered SGH-T999L a very likely Galaxy S3 LTE candidate.

We’ll be back with more news about this potential T-Mobile Galaxy S3 LTE when we have it. Would you buy it, or will you wait a few more months to get your hands on the Galaxy S4?