This might be the end of the road for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note. The wonder phablet, which was launched on T-Mo just two short weeks ago, is apparently nearing its End-of-Life (EOL) status.

All the signs are there for the Galaxy Note’s early demise on T-Mobile. For starter, it’s quite odd for a recently launched device that is (was?) offered for $300 to mysteriously disappear from the carrier’s website. Search as you might, you won’t find the Galaxy Note on its lineup anymore.

Another telling sign is a tip that Android Police has received from “a very reliable industry source” who has all but confirmed that T-Mobile is dropping the Galaxy Note. Apparently, November 1 is the set date for the EOL, but this could change depending on how fast the rest of the stock is gobbled up by folks who may not be aware that a sequel to the mini-tablet/maxi-phone is about to be announced at the end of August.

We have to say that the writings were definitely on the wall. Perhaps it was only now that T-Mobile came to the realization of how upset customers would feel about buying a one-year old device at a premium price when something better and faster is just around the corner.

There’s also the possibility that T-Mobile has somehow secured a deal with Samsung to bring the yet-to-be announced Galaxy Note 2 to its subscribers not long after the official announcement.  But again, it wouldn’t go down too well with those who have purchased the original model at a full price.

How big of a blunder do you think T-Mobile is making by introducing the Galaxy Note so close to the release of the successor? Sound off in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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