Ewwwww.  Brown?

Ewwwww. Brown?

TmoNews has received a photo of a list of T-Mobile SKUs that includes three entries for the upcoming Google Android powered G1 smartphone. The three entries indicate that the T-Mobile G1 will be available in black and white color schemes, which we’ve seen before, and also in brown. Brown? Really? I mean, seriously.

I personally am not that impressed with the looks of the G1 in black, and don’t like what I’ve seen of the white color version at all. But brown? Would it really have been hard to come up with something a bit more interesting that would complement the spartan black and white versions?

In any case, here’s hoping that T-Mobile will unveil the device for real at the Fall CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment show, which starts in San Francisco on Wednesday.