image_62Amazon USA has recently launched a G1 price cut promotion, offering the G1 is for just over half the usual price, now only $98 instead of $180! Of course, the suggested retail is $399, but no one really sells the G1 for that price these days. The only down side of this deal is also the obvious one. In order to qualify for this price point, you must also be willing to sign up for a new service contract, which unfortunately makes the deal a no-go for current T-Mobile customers.

Why this promotion now? Perhaps with the imminent arrival of newer Android based devices, Amazon want to shift stock, but who knows? There isn’t much more to say on the matter, so if you have been sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to purchase the G1,perhaps this news will be what it takes to sway you. For more information, visit Amazon’s website here.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.