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T-Mobile forgets to send ETF payment which leads a customer to collections

T-Mobile forgot to pay one customer's ETF with Verizon.
September 4, 2014

If someone is thinking about switching wireless providers, T-Mobile offers to pay the early termination fee (ETF) from your previous wireless carrier.

Unfortuately, T-Mobile forgot to pay one person’s ETF. Mike Gonzalez took up T-Mobile’s offer and gave up his Verizon Wireless service/phone and signed a new contract with T-Mobile. T-Mobile then told him that they would mail a prepaid credit card in several weeks that could be used to pay the ETF.

T-Mobile never sent it.

When Gonzalez called T-Mobile, he was told that T-Mobile was not able to track the cell phone that he had surrendered earlier. When Mike presented T-Mobile with the receipt, they simply ignored it. Meanwhile, Verizon continued to demand payment and eventually sent Gonzalez to collections.

Gonzalez therefore went to a local TV station (KUTZ) for help and after it got some publicity, T-Mobile contacted Gonzalez to tell him that a check is now in the mail.

This is not exactly a new issue with T-Mobile. Just taking a look at their own forums (and other places), many customers are struggling to get their ETF payments and/or get answers as to when that payment will come.