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Hoping to one-up AT&T, T-Mobile's $100 family plan now offers 10GB data

In a move designed to one-up AT&T, T-Mobile is now upping its data to 10GB -- 2.5GB per line -- while keeping the price at $100 for 4 lines.
July 28, 2014

Ever since the debut of its uncarrier initiative, T-Mobile has become known for its aggressive stance against its competition and for putting out industry-changing prices, features and special offers. While the carrier already offered a pretty decent family plan for its customers, the uncarrier is now looking to one-up the competition here as well.

Up until now, T-Mobile offered four lines on its network for $100 a month, giving out unlimited talk, text and 1GB full-speed internet per line — with throttled speed after that. T-Mobile is keeping its pricing the same as always, but is going after AT&T by matching their 10GB of data for a family plan. Unlike AT&T, the 10GB of data isn’t shared, with each line getting 2.5GB.

Whether this approach is better or worse than the competition depends on your family’s needs. On one hand, this method means one person can’t hog up all the data leaving the rest of the family to fight for scraps. At the same time, if one family member uses the line for business and needs 5GB of high-speed data while the rest are fine using a smaller share, they are out of luck.


To better illustrate how T-Mobile’s family plan compares to the competition, T-Mobile has put together a little chart pointing out the differences. Keep in mind that this is made by the uncarrier, so there might be some bias here to the way the figures are presented but the overall take away is that T-Mobile’s plan is $60 less than the others while offering just as much data as AT&T and Verizon.